In-person training

We provide two types of in-person training courses:

Public Courses

Public courses are open to all attendees, and have the following advantages:

  • Learn how folks from different industries are using R
  • Network with useRs from both industry and academia
  • Diverse training groups always lead to interesting live-coding challenges.

Our training partner JB International organises monthly R courses in London that can be booked here.

We deliver four courses annually for the Royal Statistical Society in London that can be found here.

Custom Private Courses

Private courses have significant advantages over public courses:

  • Course content can be customised for your team's needs
  • Internal datasets and problems can be discussed under an NDA agreement
  • Courses can be booked at your convenience, including in your own offices.

If you'd like to discuss a custom course for your team fill in the form below.

Why train with us?

Our focus is on developing delegate's skills in solving real-world problems by combining two pedagogical approaches:

  • Structured lecture materials written in RMarkdown
  • Live/group coding exercises customised on-the-fly for all delegates

We design courses for experts, complete beginners and entire data teams with mixed experience.

Who have we trained?

At the moment we have one trainer - Charlie Joey Hadley.

Since 2012 she's trained over 1,000 delegates across both academia and industry, and has delivered course through the following education providers:



See Charlie's full profile for more information about her experience.