Finding youR way

R is not software.
It's a scripting language, a vast collection of tools and a vibrant user community.

You can't master R
But you can become fluent in using it.









New features are added to point-and-click software as buttons or wizards, and old features are taken away by removing buttons.

But in code, things are more complicated.

  • Developers might choose to modify how an existing function works.
  • Developers might replace an old function with a new one, e.g. replacing spread() with the more generic pivot_wide()
  • Developers might abandon an entire package for a myriad of different reasons.1
  • Underling API may change without warning, making a package unusable until the developers release an update.
  • While often several packages solving the same problem will coexist and even be used together, sometimes new packages essentially replaces older alternative.
Data wrangling epochs in the R ecosystem

These are some of the ways that you'll encounter deprecation when writing code in R. One of the biggest hurdles to becoming fluent in R is gaining the confidence to decide which packages to use and how to handle these different types of deprecation.

R Deprecation 101 article COMING SOON!